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Artist Statement/Bio

I am a self-taught photographer from Philadelphia, PA. Since my teens, I have always carried a camera with me. At first, I used either a Kodak Instamatic or some sort of Polaroid Land camera to take pictures of my environment. I now work mostly in the digital format, although I still maintain and use a number of film cameras. My subject matter varies from friends, performers and artists, to people who make up my immediate and extended family, to myself. As a documentary photographer, I try to capture people in the act of being themselves, or being who they imagine themselves to be. Even when shooting a traditional assignment such as a wedding, I find that this approach is very satisfying, both for my clients and for myself. In addition to environmental portraits, I also like to shoot (mostly urban) landscapes in which I discover elements of abstract art through color, lighting, composition. When it comes to my personal work, although I am making pictures that have meaning for me, I am still always looking for reactions – whether positive or negative – from the people who view my images.  If my pictures provoke a response, to me that is always a good thing.


In 2011, I began opening my studio (then in West Kensington/Fishtown) to exhibit the work of other artists, as well as my own, creating the City Arts Salon. In 2022, I moved my studio to Germantown, where the City Arts Salon continues to present visual and performing artists with events throughout the year in this artistically vibrant community. 


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