This is basically how I describe my artistic process because it is about capturing what I see as immediate and demanding/commanding of my interest. Since I was a teen in Southwest Philadelphia, I have tried to always have a camera with me, just to take pictures of my environment, either with my Kodak Instamatic or some sort of Polaroid Land camera. These days, I work mostly in the digital format, although I still maintain a number of film cameras. For the most part I am self-taught. My subject matter varies from the people I meet on the street, to my friends (many of whom are artists of some sort), to the people who make up my immediate and extended family. I also love to shoot things and places that I find interesting and have made an impact on me. I shoot mostly for myself, but I am always looking for the reactions of the people who view my images, whether positive or negative. If my captures are provoking a response, to me that is always a good thing.

Kenny White